Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006



Here you will find the latest additions to this website.

The links below guides you to the respective sites were the addition is described. Some contents will show up in the respective area of the part and in the overall assembly site.

December 2015

Since May we have traveleld about 2900 km with very few problems and 5 oil changes. . From now on I I try to give from time to time some information about the performance of the car and things that happen and need  attention.

So far everything has been working fine, only the following items needed to be replaced: Condensor and flasher, both new parts.

One thing concerns me: The engine has developed a quite impressive oil leak. I have nor jet investigated enough, it could be the rear main or more probable the end of the camshaft. It is not blow by, overfill  or a blocked oil brather pipe. I installed an oil janitor, so it is not a problem, but a nuisance. I will see if I can spare some time during the winter to remove the oil pan and have a more closer look.


Mai 2015

The car is finally finished had has passed the governmental check for roadworthyness (TÜV) without problems. See pictures in major milestonses.


April 2015

Interior is finished:

Rear door upholstery front door upholstery and window trim, front seat.

Hub caps.


March 2015

Windshield and wiper installed. For just the wiper see here.

Front floorboards in.

The interior is begun. All pictures regarding the assembly of the interior (upholstery, dash panel, window frames and mouldings, headliner,  floorpans and carpet you will find in the section "interior".

So far the headliner and cord, windlace, panels, floor pans and cowls panels, carpets, rear and quarter windows and window shades, the respective garnish mouldings and window frames and the rear seat are in the car. Starts to look nice.


February 19th 2015

Entire fuel system is installed in the car.

Speedometer cable installed.

Instrument panel installed with ammeter, speedometer instrument light, pop out switch and the respective wiring.

Headlights, Horn and Main Harness.

Coil installed.

Taillights installed.

Stop light switch installed and wired.

Bumpers installed.

Turn signals installed and wired

Pictures of undercarriage wiring

Battery disconnect switch


January 5th 2015

Cowl band installed.

Hood installed and body finally shimmed.

Running board trim, mat and rear fenders and apron.

Spare wheel installed.

Doors: finished including glass, window riser, latch and lock mechanism.




December 19th 2014

The body is on the chassis! See also major milestones.


December 10th 2014

Final assembly has begun. We added a new chapter "Assembly" were from now on all the pitures will shown.

Engine Pans installed.

Front fenders, apron and running boards assembled,



November 18th 2014

All sheet metal parts painted.

Front and back seat upholstery finished.


October 26th 2014

Windshield painted and glass installed.

Shell repainted and polished.




September 19th  2014

Rain gutters installed.

Roof installed.

Final Preparation for painting are finished.


July 20th  2014

Preparation for painting has been started: Filling.



May 25th 2014

The car is running, respectively the chassis. We drove around! I think you could call it a "Running Chassis"

May 19th 2014

Engine mounted in chassis and running! Great!


May 19th 2014: Hi Chester, you asked a question about the pictures of the wood. I can not reply to your email adress, it says connection refused. Please try again, may be with another email?


May 3rd 2014

Due to the assumed accident the right panels above the doors had to be pronlonged for about 0,5 cms.

Rear door checks assembled.

All wood is finished, sheet metal nailed and riveted to wooden skeleton and body finally adjusted and removed from the frame.

Tires mounted on wheels and wheels mounted on hubs.




March 16th 2014

Gas tank installed.

Hood: Disappointing realisation: The original hood has to be replaced.

New Radiator from Brassworks arrived.

Body Aligment (Hood Alignment and assembly and fitting of passenger side doors) startet.

Radiator emblem cleaned and polished.


March 8th 2014

Sunvisor and panel above windshield attached to the body.

The fitting of the body (cowl, wood, sheet metal) is quite tricky due to the deformation of mainly the cowl section due to an accident sometimes in the past of our car.


February 16th 2014

Engine assembly continued.

Water pump finished.

First sheet metal panels nailed to the wooden sceleton.


January 26th 2014

Pictures of Mahagony Woodgraining added.

Engine assembly started.

January 4th 2014

Mahagony Woodgraining finished

Engine is back from the machine shop, painted and ready for assembly.

Wooden sceleton is finished.



December 4th  2013

Mahagony Woodgraining begun: Preparations made: Blasted, primed, filled, base colour painted.


October 1st  2013

Water pump housing blasted and primed.

Radiator examined: Leaking and rotten.

Water return pipe and drain petcock finished.

Top Wood finished. (see also assembly and wood fitting)

Accelerator assembly is finished.

Sediment bowl is finished.

Speedometer and speedometer cable are finished.

As suggested on we replaced the welded steering arms with good used originals. Safety first!



August 15th 2013

Door Pillars, inner and outer side rails finished (Body wood)

Engine cracks closed, engine ready for babitt boring and cylinder honing.

Carburator and accelerator assembly andsediment bulb have been disassembled.

Oil pump is reassembled and ready.

Reproduction manifold availiable.

Water pump housing has been sandblasted and turned out to be cracked.


July 8th 2013

Oil pan finished, oil pump disassembled and cleaned.

Block cleaned, disappointing insight, the block is cracked twice.

Paint removed of replacement head.

Water pump disassembled.

Connecting rods and pistons disassembled and cleaned



May 31st 2013

Bumbers are back from plating.

Inside door handles, window handles and seat adjust knob are back from plating.



May 11th 2013

Steering column, steering gear, steering wheel, horn rod finally assembled.



All electrical parts are restored, wiring and coils available as reproductions and ready for assembly! In Detail:

Cutout mounted on generator.

Horn finished. Headlights, taillights and cowl lamps finished.

Distributor finished.

Windshild wiper finished.

Battery box installed.




April 12th 2013

Distributor dissassembled.

Headlamps (ebay France) and taillights (ebay US) disassembled.

A new battery.

Horn (ebay US) disassembled.

More pictures of wood and door alignment.



March 14th 2013

New chapter Body Assembly and Wood Fitting in Body section created.

In This chapter we try to dicribe the "interesting" process of fitting and aligning the wood, doors, cowl etc.

Starter is finished and in working order!


February 23rd 2013

Generator disassembled.


February 14th 2013

Steering gear and steering column finished.

Door wood installed. 


January 27th 2013

Horn Rod finished, as ist is part of the steering column you will find it there.


December 31st 2012

Assembly continued: Brakes finished:(see also brakes), shock absorbers mounted.


December 3rd 2012

Assembly has begun: Front and rear axle, brake shafts (see also brakes), transmission, u-joint, drive train and clutch have been assembled into the frame.


Rear brakes including hubs and drums are finished and assembled.


September 26th 2012

All  Brake and hubs parts finished, some brake parts preassembled.

All shock absorber parts are ready for assembly.


August 9th 2012

 Brake completely dissambled and parts sandblasted, wheels blasted and attempted to paint (failed), hubs finished.

More parts of body wood finished.

Vince Falter's Page in the links section



June 16th 2012

Transmission, Clutch and Flywheel finished. 


April 30th 2012

 Some links online.


April 22nd 2012

Windshield frame finished, less final paint and glass.


5. April 2012

All remaining sections of "Restoration" online.


1. April 2012

Tie rod, front Axle and remaining parts of springs finished. Actual pictures uploaded (Front axle, tie rod, springs).

Chapters "Transmission and Clutch" and "Cooling System" uploaded.


22. March 2012

More Pictures in Area Restoration - Body online. (e.g. Body Wood)


20. March 2012

Pictures in Area Restoration - Body - Doors are online.


19. March 2012

Website is online! (Not all pictures have been uploaded jet)