Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006

Lightning System

The headlamps were of unkown French origin, may be Pegeaut or Renault. We replace these with Ford twolight headlamps which we bought at ebay France. The glas lenses show "Bosch France".

The taillight was replaced by a illuminated number plate.We bought two original taillights at ebay, both in bad condition. Newest pictures on bottom page


April 12th 2013

Headlamps (ebay France) disassembled and rim polished. We replave the reflector and all electrical wiring and sockets.

Taillights (ebay US) disassembled and repaired. We replace all electrical wiring and sockets as well as lenses.



May 11th 2013

Headlights finished. See text below pictures.


May 11th 2013

We bought two used tail lights, one says "twolite". Both have license plate lenses. One of these we covered with black tape. Both tail lights were in bad condition, but fairly nice after cleaning and polishing. Of course we changes all wiring. In one we also had to change the sockets. As in both lenses the original stop light lenses were yellow, we changed the lenses to new ones in red.

Taillights are finished and in working order!



The domelight was missing. A used one could be acquired at ebay.

Cowl lamps


May 11th 2013

We bought the cowl lamps in nice condition at ebay. Nevertheless all wiring and sockets had to be replaced.

February 19th

Headlights and main harness installed. Note: There is a 50% chance to orientate the spider on the end of the horn rod. If wrong, the position of the lights switch handle is wrong. How do I know?

February 19th 2015

Tail lights installed. We cut the holes on the right side fender on exactly the same position as on the left side. Nevertheless the tail light is now closer to the body on the right side. This is because the fender is more "in" the body than on the left side. Astonishing. Why is that so?

February 19th 2015

Stop light switch. To our great surprise the stop light switch actuating rod (repro) did not touch the switch, it was aproximately 1 inch to low at the stop light switch end. At the same time it touched the cross member in a way that the pedal could not return easily. There is no possibility to adjust that. We had to realise that the original rod was bent (and cut at the end, see pictures). What we did is the following: bend the rod with the same curve than the original one. Of course it was then to short to touch the switch (All is adjusted already). So we prolonged the rod a bit by adding a screw. It remains a mystery what happened here, but obviously somebody had had the same problem already, as the rod was bent and cut.

February 19th 2015

Turn signal and wiring. We used the acessory lights and signal stat from Macs. Works very well. We attached some relectors (Unimog parts) for safety reasons.

The turn signals are as a modern safety item complety assembled without interfering with the original set up. We used the half parts of small hinges as guides or the wires attached to the bumper clamps.