Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006


We try to follow this restoration plan:


  • Disassembly / Assembly
  • Frame
  • Body - Wood (This one parallel to all following steps)
  • Body - sheet metal
  • Body - interior (hardware, exluded upholstery)
  • Rear Axle and drive train
  • Front axle
  • Transmission and clutch
  • Wheels, hubs and brakes
  • Steering
  • Engine and electrical
  • Assembly
  • Paint
  • Upholstery

Green: Finished, Blue: In progress, Red: Not begun


On the pages the pictures are displayed chronological: On top you see pictures of the original condition, then disassembly, then restoration, then assembly.


Disassembly; Assembly; Wheels Hubs and Brakes; Front Axle and Steering, Rear Axle, Frame, Engine, Transmission and Clutch, Cooling System, Fuel System, Electrical System, Body, Special Equipment.