Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006

In this chapter the final assembly of parts that do not belong naturally in one of the other chapters will be shown, as all individual parts have been finished in November 2014. You will find newest additions on the bottom of page.


December 18th 2014

Engine pans. As we could not get hold of original pans we went for reproduction. The ones in the car were rusted beyond use. The reprodzction did not fit well, but are ok for the time beeing. I still try to get original ones.

April 2015: Final parts of assembly: Hub caps and license data plate.

December 18th 2014: Front fenders, apron and running boards installed.

To our great surprise we realized during the assembly of the headlight bar and front fender braces that the headlight bar was mounted with the backside to the front. In this position we would have had major problems with assembling the horn, so we had to turn the bar. That trew everything out of alignment, as the headlight bar is badly bent. It was a not amusing process of fitting and bending and fitting again, everything with the already painted fenders and boards. Unfortunately the paint was damaged in at least one position. But finally everything was sucessful. And we could use the original bar! (our motto: Reuse everything).

December 19th 2014

The body is on the chassis. We managed in the following manner:

We lifted the body up step by step on adjustable tressles. These very elongated step by step: Lift up in the front, change the tressles to higher ones. elongate the smaller onse, lift up in the back etc. We had six adjustable tressles. Then we moved the chassis underneath, installed the steering assembly and lowererd the body in reverse order. We had to manouver around the pedals. In the final step we used small and smaller wooden block between chassis and body.

January 5th 2015

Cowl band and lights installed.

January 5th 2015

Hood installed including cowl and radiator welting.

Then the body is finally shimmed, (just readjusted to conditions before paint)


January 5th 2015

Running board trim, matting, rear fenders and apron.

January 5th 2015: Spare wheel

January 15th 2015


February 19th 2015: Instrument panel. The lower screw holes did not fit exactly and had to be reworked just a little bit.

April 2015

Licence data plate, hub caps and plug for the vacuum line in firewall.