Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006


This chapter is about springs, spring shackles and all hardware to connect the springs to the frame.

Both springs, front and rear, had to be replaced: The front one had several broken leaves and was beyond restoration due to very heavy rust. The rear spring went obviously through a former repair, were the spring was "reconstructed" by combining leaves of different springs. We are not sure, whether all leaves were of Model A origin. The front spring was replaced by a new one, which was treated like a used one: Sandblasted, primed and lubricated. The rear spring was replaced by a good used one, which had to be rstored acording to Les Andrews.

All spring shackles could be used again, the rear u bolts were replaced, the ones in the car were nor original.