Ford Model A

Early 1930 Town Sedan

Briggs Body

Assembled around April 1930 in

Asnieres, France

Engine number 278 6714


Located in Germany

Start of Restoration in 2006

Radiator and Shell

October 26th 2014

Shell polished and ready for assembly. See below.


March 14th 2014: New Radiator from Brassworks arrived. We decided to buy an original style one.

Radiator emblem cleaned and polsihed.

See bottom of page.


October 1st 2013: The Radiator ist leaking and very rusty. I think we have to replave it. It seems to be not original, as it has a different pattern.


October 1st: Radiator analysis:

March 14th 2014:


We bought a new original style radiator from brassworks. Radiator emblem cleaned and polished.

October 26th 2014

The shell is a typical example of our principle: Repair and not restore: It has some dents and obviously in the past somebody polished it with a kind of iron wool, which led to very fine scratches.

We just polished the shell, repainted the bottom area, replaced the front hood bracket and installed the emblem. The dents and scratches will remain as visible signs of age.